Artango Bistro Wedding Anna + Daniel

Anna + Daniel’s Artango Bistro Wedding

Anna + Daniel’s Artango Bistro Wedding was an amazing celebration that was perfect for the two of them. They had an intimate ceremony as guests were seating for dinner and sipping cocktails. Daniel’s cousin served as the officiant and peppered the ceremony with sweet memories and a few laughs. The couple gave their own toasts to each. Daniel shared a story of when Anna was little, her Mom wanted her to do the dishes, but Anna didn’t want to. Her mom told her she would never find her prince if she didn’t help with the dishes. Anna quickly grabbed a dish towel.

“Wild Man”

Daniel was roasted by his best man as being a “wild man,” but he tamed his wild ways as soon as he met the stunning Russian beauty. Anna + Daniel come from pretty different backgrounds, but when they are together all of their differences disappear. They laugh secretly together as if they are speaking a language that only they know.

The couple planned a wedding day perfectly suited for them. While they got ready in separate suites at the Godfrey Hotel, they had their family and friends close by. Anna’s glam squad included her maid-of-honor, Daniel’s sister and her Mom. Daniel’s crew included his fun-loving parents and his best friend. After a romantic first look on the rooftop of the Godfrey Hotel, we took a limo around town for photos. Anna + Daniel are very affectionate and also very silly together. They had so much fun dancing in the traffic near the Chicago Theater and walking along the Chicago Riverwalk.

An outdoor cocktail hour at Artango Bistro kicked off the celebration. While guests sipped cocktails and noshed on hors devours, they enjoyed the beautiful summer evening. Daniel’s cousin did an amazing job as the officiant for their ceremony, sharing sweet stories about Anna + Daniel. After the toasts, Anna + Daniel shared their first dance, laughing together the whole time. Once the dancing started, no one left the dance floor! The guests partied late into the night, dancing and drinking.

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