Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Sara + Ryan

Sara + Ryan’s Chicago Riverwalk Engagement

Spectacular view of the city were important for our Chicago Riverwalk Engagement. Sara + Ryan met in college when they lived in the same dorm. They became good friends and Sara’s friend had a big crush on Ryan. It was Sara who eventually won his heart and surprisingly they are still friends!

We had an amazingly sunny day for our Chicago Riverwalk engagement photography shoot. Because the Chicago Riverwalk is finally finished, we started our shoot at the very end at the The Riverbank. With views of the new River Point Tower and the new “tuning fork” along the river, 150 North Riverside, our engagement shoot started out with spectacular views of the city! 150 North Riverside, the slope-bottomed riverfront office tower is the most eye-grabbing Chicago skyscraper. Its base, which flaunts sloping diagonal columns and glass walls that look blade-sharp, raises the question, “is that building going to tip over?”


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