The Grove Wedding Suzanne + Glenn

Suzanne + Glenn’s the Grove wedding had such a warm feeling throughout the day.

Suzanne + Glenn chose the date for their Grove wedding very deliberately. October 7 was not only their wedding day, but also Glenn’s late dad’s birthday and his grandparents anniversary. In addition, Glenn’s twin sister was due any day and it looked like she would make it to their wedding. But on the morning of their wedding day, she went into labor. Unfortunately, she had to miss the celebration, but her baby daughter now has a very special birthday.

“Here’s to my dad. If there’s one thing he taught me, is to go out and never stop looking until you find the prettiest and the smartest girl in the world and then you marry her.”

In addition to a very special day, the whole family was celebrating another milestone. While Glenn + Suzanne were well into wedding planning, they found out his sister was pregnant and at the same time found out that his mom was diagnosed with cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, she was declared cancer free about a month before their wedding. On that very special day she was able to watch her son marry the love of his life and she welcomed her first granddaughter into the world! The rainbow that appeared right after their ceremony seemed like a sign from above.

“Suzanne and I had only been dating about a month and we decided to go to a bar across the street. And that was the first think that struck me about Suzanne.

She said yes to an invitation to a bar to watch hockey with me. And then we ordered and she says the most beautiful words a guy could ever hear “I’ll have the buffalo wings…with ranch” and in that moment, I almost told her I love her.”

Because Glenn is such a witty and sweet guy, he delivered one of the best toasts I’ve every heard at a wedding. He gave a shout out to everyone who helped out with the wedding that was sweet and funny. His beautiful words to his mom didn’t leave a dry eye in the room.

“To my mom, you’re an inspiration to me, Suzanne and everyone here. Thank-you for fighting. In so many ways I’m able to marry a woman like Suzanne because of the way you raised me.”

After the toasts, it was time to party! Suzanne’s maid-of-honor was right when she said that Suzanne makes everything more memorable. She had a blast on the dance floor!




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