Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club Wedding Jenny + Mike

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Mike + Jenny’s Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club Wedding

Mike and Jenny’s Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club Wedding was the perfect celebration since the couple. They met while they were swimming competitively. They bonded over their love of sports and they also both have an artistic side and love to create. Jenny designed the centerpieces for the wedding and Mike has been busy designing furniture for their home.

“Hold her close and kiss her often”

Mike’s good friend served as the officiant for the couple and gave a wonderful tribute to the couple filled with sweet stories and funny moments. He presented the new “Hoffman and Wife” after once they were officially announced husband and wife. Mike’s 95 year old grandpa was in attendance and had the time of his life. He dancing the night away with his sweet wife! His words of wisdom made it into the ceremony, “hold her close and kiss her often.” I think Mike + Jenny took that advice to heart because they couldn’t stop kissing!

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