Rolling Green Country Club Wedding Michelle + Ashton

The Rolling Green Country Club wedding was the perfect setting for Michelle + Ashton! Michelle’s smile and outgoing personality is as bright as the gorgeous day we had. On a hot June day, the dandelion’s blowing in the wind made it look like it was snowing.

Because Michelle comes from a big Italian family, many of their guests came from all over the globe.

“…with each paper that I touch, reflections of special moments start to build up. They build up the tears in my eyes and every drop that falls reminds me how great these years have been. Michelle + Ashton, now it’s your time to collect the memories of your life.”

Michelle’s Dad is such a sentimental sweet man and as a result, I can’t watch their video without tearing up! As I watch Michelle’s parents throughout the wedding day, I could tell how bittersweet it was for them. The amazing joy they felt watching their youngest daughter get married, and the longing to freeze time when their daughters were little.

Ashton also was on the receiving end of an amazing toast from the best man.

“The thing I love about Ashton, if you do something good in life, you can call maybe 5, 6, 7 people. But when something goes wrong, you have a very short list and Ashton is my list.”

After the guests wiped tears from their faces listening to the toasts, they were treated to a choreographed dance by Ashton + Michelle. The Blue Water Kings Band kicked off the dancing and played The Beatles “Michelle” for the father daughter dance.


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