Rookery Building Wedding Salvatores Runia + Josh

The Rookery Building Wedding made the perfect backdrop for Runia and Josh’s amazing celebration.

Designed by famous Chicago architectural partners Burnham and Root, the Rookery Building was completed in 1888. Because the picturesque skylit lobby was re-designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905, it has become iconic.


Since Runia’s family is Indian, their wedding was just one day in their multi day celebration. The celebration started off with the families gathering together for mehndi. Runia got ready at her apartment with her bridesmaids and her sister. Mimosas were flowing as the excitement grew. The bridesmaids wore cranberry dresses, accented by lush green florals.

“Growing up, I begged my parents for a little brother the way most kids beg for a puppy.”

Living near the State Street Train station, they chose this spot for their romantic first look. Runia has the most dazzling smile and when she saw her handsome groom, her face lit up.

Or course Runia + Josh wanted to include the bridal party crew in their celebration, so we traveled from the riverwalk to Lasalle street for photos. Originally, Runia and Josh wanted to book the Rookery Building as a back-up in case of rain. The Rookery Building is so amazing that she had to make it a stop for the Rookery Building Wedding.

After a final photo stop by the Chicago Board of Trade, we were off to Salvatore’s for Runia + Josh to get officially hitched! Josh + Runia’s Salvatore’s wedding was filled with love, laughter and jamming on the dance floor! Josh’s Dad officiated the ceremony. He has been a pastor at their church for decades, so he had a little practice. 

When they were officially married, the roasting and toasting began!

“Josh, you’re walking away with an extremely nice and kind woman, who is intelligent, loyal and will be an amazing wife and mother. Runia, you’re walking away with a gorgeous dress, really nice flowers and a guy who has a fettish for Mazda Miatas.”

The most adorable moment of the night was when Runia’s little nephew stepped up to the mic to toast the happy couple. When you are little, your jokes don’t have to make sense, you’re cute enough just telling jokes!

“Want to hear a joke? Knock knock. Who’s there? Banana pumpkin.”


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